Coflexip® Flexible Steel Drain Pipe Systems

Shell - Europoort Oil Terminal is official distributer for Coflexip® flexible steel drain pipe systems for floating roof storage tanks. The most reliable, simple and cost-effective system available in the market. Typically available in 3”, 4”,and 6” diameter.
The Coflexip® drain system is a fully engineered, 100% maintenance free system with an excellent reliability. It will never interfere with equipment inside the tank, even with the roof in the lowest position.

The unique repeatable lay pattern configuration takes limited space inside the tank. Even though the flexible pipe moves freely, due to its construction it will lay itself on the tankfloor in the same position and pattern when the roof is lowered. The system is one component only, no combinations of moving parts with rigid parts. A very limited extra length is needed, typically the system is only 3 meter longer than the highest roof position.

Coflexip® drain systems are custom engineered for each tank and verified with the customer’s tank specification via computer simulation and analysis. Due to its free movement the system does not induce lateral forces on the floating roof.

Coflexip® will issue a full set of installation drawings, to ensure a long term problem free operation.

Correct Installation is a critical part of the reliability of any drain system. That is why Shell - Europoort Oil Terminal will guide the whole installation process from a first verification of the tank construction with an initial measurement, cooperation with a, by the operator appointed contractor, up to a final inspection of the system after the installation is completed.

This system needs very limited space in the tank, typically we need a 3 meter radius free spot around a roofleg in the vicinity of the line from the exit of the sump to the inlet of the nozzle. We have now lay-patterns which will allow low-roofheights as little as 40 cm during operation.

After 36 years, worldwide over 10.000 systems have been delivered. Many of the Coflexip® systems have been in operation for more than 20 years. It is therefore the most suitable system for Condition Based Maintenance programs, where maintenance intervals are expected to increase to 20 – 25 years.

Shell - Europoort Oil Terminal provides fit-for-purpose and client specific storage facilities solutions by managing and operating ultra-modern storage tanks. Our world-class facilities are operated by trained employees who are enabled byadvanced technology systems, and deploy safe and purpose-built materials handling products.

By offering consolidated operations, we allow greater efficiency in storage and transportation, achieving tangible cost savings for our clients.

But if the scale, location or complexity of your business requires a dedicated solution, we have the expertise and infrastructure you need. Our dedicated or shared storage tanks services include coated steel tanks, through which Shell - Europoort Oil Terminal stores dutiable goods and manages all the necessary customs regulations on behalf of clients during the period of storage. While in storage, goods may be depending on customer requirements. Primarily, Our Tanks are for Temporary storage of Petroleum product of international standards

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Shell - Europoort Oil Terminal is one of Rotterdam based Oil and Gas Tank Storage provider, and is a modern bunker fuel terminal in the Europoort area in the Port of Rotterdam. Our core business is the storage and transhipment of fuel oil and gas oil.

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Liquid Leak Detection Systems

Shell - Europoort Oil Terminal Shell - Europoort Oil Terminal is very proud to inform you that we have recently added a new line of products to our portfolio, Liquid Leak Detection systems made by TTK S.A.S..

TTK's TTK's concept, intelligent cable sensing, is unique and offers innovative products and tailored solutions for hydrocarbon leaksensing as well as waterleaksensing and in some instances, vapour detection.

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Coflexip® - Flexi France state of the art production facility is located in Le Trait, Normandy, France. Coflexip® is design and market leader, having more than 40 years’ experience in the design, production and installation of flexible pipe systems. Coflexip® is a registered tradename of FlexiFrance SA, part of the TechnipFMC Group, a worldwide multinational with over 45000 employees.

TTK S.A.S. has a 25 years' expierence in designing, manufacturing and installing innovative digital liquid leak detection equipment, and has build its brand name on Quality and Innovation.

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